Sacred Oaths of the Academie

The Oaths serve as affirmations of our bond to each other and the ideals of the Academie. Conventionally, an oath is read by a Provost or Distinguished Provost to a member as part of the ceremony when they attain each new rank, and the candidate responding with a verbal affirmation.

Oaths have evolved over the history of the Academie. The first three ranks have one ancient and venerable version, and another modern and streamlined version. Either may be used. In addition, alterations to the oaths are permissiable for the new candidate in the interest of non-exclusion, such as in the case of personal religious or other strongly-held beliefs. Provosts or Distinguished Provosts who will be administering an oath are encouraged to check if the candidate has read the oath text ahead of time, and candidates are encouraged to discuss the matter with their sponsors when applicable.

Printable business card sized versions of the modern oaths are available here.