Roster of Scholars

Name Location Favorite Form Miscellaneous
Adelaide of Roxbury Mill Roxbury Mill Sword
Alexios Chrysoloras Charlesbury Crossing Bolognese sidesword/Cut and Thrust
Alonzo Falcone Black Diamond Sword and All
Alyce de Glaize Lochmere Sword and Dagger
Arias Velarde de Santillana del Mar Stormwall Sword and Dagger
Ayla Von Dahauua Storvik Sword and Dagger The Company of the Dragoon Guards
Caillan Ruffio Black Diamond Sword and Dagger
Caitilín inghean Uí Ruaidhrí Dun Carraig Sword and Dagger
Colette Vitalis Storvik Sword and Stick ensign to Master Dominyk, The Company of the Dragoon Guards, Grasshopper
Deianira of Rivenstar Storvik Sword and Dagger
Dyggvi Hrolfsson Sacred Stone Sword and Stick cadet to Master Raphael
Erasmus Severinus Highland Foorde Single Sword
Francisco de la Torre Hawkwood Sword and Rodela Sailing Master of the Siren's Song (Corsairium)
Ishmael Baleinier Roxbury Mill Sword
Jacob "Conrad" Muni Bright Hills
Johannes von Eisenberg Caer Mear Cut & Thrust
Marbella de Galicia Ponte Alto Single Sword
Mathius von Haus Panther Cyddlain Downs Sword and Dagger
Nicolo Santorio Roxbury Mill Sword and Targa
Raeidun Sigurdardottir Cynnabar
Roland Shelnut Isenfir Sword and Dagger fights for Black Diamond
Roland Wodeman Hawkwood Sword and Short Sword Corsair 3rd Class (Corsairium)
Rosamund of Newenham Storvik Sword
Steffan Von Musbach Caer Mear Sword and Dagger
Tibbie Crosier Storvik Cut & Thrust authorized April 2008
Zahira Al-Rumi Ponte Alto

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