Atlantian Rapier Treaties

Kingdom Law

Appendix A - Atlantian Orders and Awards

A.1 Kingdom Orders. There are five Kingdom Orders in Atlantia: The Queen’s Order of Courtesy, and four Orders of Merit.

A.1.2 The Orders of Merit are as follows:

A.1.2.4. The Academie d’Espee, the Order of the White Scarf of Atlantia, honors and recognizes those subjects who have excelled in the exercise and advance of the noble art of fence, and have distinguished themselves as examples of the precepts to which it is devoted. The badge shall be (subject to registration) “Argent, a pale couped between two unicornate seahorse azure.”.

Treaty of the White Scarf

We, the Crowns of the Kingdoms of Ansteorra, the Outlands, Trimaris, Atenveldt, and An Tir do by these letters publish and proclaim our intent to create an order in our kingdoms to be known as the Order of the White Scarf. We do mutually recognize that this order shall be chartered in our kingdoms as custom allows.

Further, We, the Crowns of the Kingdom of Atlantia do enter into this treaty, in accordance with our laws and customs.

We pledge to honor the styles and precedence as shall be established by charter and to allow and encourage those of our Royal Cousins who may wish to establish this order in their own kingdoms. By this document we command our heralds to present the title and badges of this order to the College of Arms, that it may be registered to the titularies of our kingdoms.

[Signed by the Crowns of Ansteorra, the Outlands, Trimaris, Atenveldt, An Tir, and Atlantia]

Signed by all parties as of April 20, 1996.