Iron Spike

At Atlantia’s 30 Year Celebration, in AS 46, the Free Scholars of the Academie started a new tradition for Atlantian rapier called the Iron Spike. Following in tradition similar to the Iron Ring of numerous kingdoms, the Iron Spike is a token that must be worn by the holder at SCA events. The holder should accept up to 3 challenges per day at official events that allow fighting, where the the victor of 3 of 5 passes gains the honor of holding the Iron Spike.

The Iron Spike was made by Lord Benjamin Lilje, and comes with a box Arghylle Buchanan, and a book provided by Lady Letia Thistelthueyt. All challenges for the Iron Spike are recorded in the accompanying book.

Current Holder

Master Torse Hartman


Type Count
Holders 29
Defended 123
Challenges 174

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