Top 20 Reasons Why...

These were pulled from postings on SCA Rapier Net. The Rapier reasons came from someone named Max and the armored from Sir Gunther.

Fencing is better than Heavy Fighting

  1. Chainmail wedgies. I shan’t elaborate.
  2. Fridge magnets don’t stick to fencers.
  3. Washable armour.
  4. Compasses work near fencers.
  5. Our swords clank. theirs clatter.
  6. Field battle. Lightning. ‘Nuff said.
  7. When flirting with an opponent, we can tell the gender.
  8. Witty repartee doesn’t sound like Darth Vader.
  9. Two practises per week (well, for us, anyway).
  10. Tower shields are for those who can’t use a buckler.
  11. Fencers don’t set off airport alarms.
  12. We only take one seat in the car on the way to Pennsic.
  13. No worries about accidentally winning a tourney and ending up as royalty.
  14. Better booze (Godet vs. Beer)
  15. Our weapons fit in the car, not on the roofrack.
  16. You can wear a rapier in court.
  17. Smaller duct tape budget.
  18. Our headgear doesn’t crush the brains.
  19. Tuchux don’t fence.
  20. To a rapier, chainmail is a series of linked holes.

Heavy Fighting is better than Fencing

  1. The Social Horror of getting a run in your tights.
  2. Ostriches do not try to mate with a helmet.
  3. You wash it? A quick spritz with WD-40 and you’re ready to go.
  4. Fighters never get lost. Just rub a cloth across the helm a few times, lay belly-down on a rock, and voila, North is revealed.
  5. “ting” and “thunk” I feel are more appropriate.
  6. This from a man who carries a long metal rod…
  7. Hmpf. Four layers of trigger are not body flattering. But hubcap breastplates, is there any doubt?
  8. But the repartee is soooo much scarier. “You’re a member of the Trimaran Alliance, and a spy!”
  9. Hey, I had three practices a week plus tourneys. (Couldn’t walk for six months afterward, though.)
  10. Tower shields are for archers. Another group of point-control artists.
  11. Duct taped clubs don’t get you arrested.
  12. Oh please! Duffle bag, sword stand, hat box, six changes of clothes (per list), lace repair kit…
  13. Hmmm… got me there. Um, the babes like big metal hats?
  14. There’s something wrong with beer?
  15. Our weapons don’t fall apart if they get wet.
  16. People don’t trip over armored fighters.
  17. Don’t waste money on feathers, lace, and funny hats. More money to spend on beer!
  18. Our headgear doesn’t let our brains get crushed.
  19. Pirates don’t club.
  20. To a broadsword, 4 layers of trigger is a trip to the hospital.