Tivar's Top 10 Rules

The Rules According to Don Tivar Moondragon of Ansteorra

  1. Never rush Tivar when he’s carrying a dagger.
  2. Never parry with your face.
  3. Decadence is its own reward.
  4. There can never be too many chocolate chips. (Although there can be too little cookie dough.)
  5. There will always be some people who can do some things on the field that you just can’t. Don’t worry about it–work on your basics and have some double-stuff Oreos.
  6. Always remember that your opponent on the field today may be standing behind you with a polearm tomorrow. Conduct yourself accordingly.
  7. Snorkels are always optional. (See Don Iolo or Dona Gwenllian for details.)
  8. If it is time to serve dinner, the meeting is adjourned.
  9. Someone who disagrees with you is not necessarily your enemy. Someone who agrees with you is not necessarily your friend.
  10. Don’t be stupid.