Fencing Rules

By Antoine, Christian, Claire and Dr. S

Let’s play a game with pointy sword,
But not against a sword and board.

Cuts and thrusts are blows you call,
If one hits then you must fall.

You must not whip,
You must not flail,
The blades must all be safe and hale.

Don’t punch your friends with fist or mace,
Don’t punch your friends in gut or face.

Don’t punch them here,
Don’t punch them there,
Don’t kick or punch them anywhere.

You must be covered head to toe,
No bare body part may show

On your noggin wear mask and hood
to keep your thinker thinkin’ good.

We’ll test your hood,
We’ll test your mask,
With an automatic test-o-flask.

Dagger, cloak and shield are cool,
And a left-hand-whopper-bopper-tool.

Your weapons must be inspected well,
By a weapon-inspector-detector-snell.

We’ll check them high,
We’ll check them low,
If we don’t like them, Out they go!

You should be polite to those you meet,
Do not foul and do not cheat.

Playing this game is lots of fun,
But don’t stay too long in the sun.

So whether you lose,
Or whether you win,
Be nice and you can play again!