Limerick Story

By Master Robin of Gilwell

There was something his love life was needing,
Which he tried to discover by reading.
The results weren’t too classy,
For the book was di Grassi –
With his shoulder he’s now always leading.

Was it really all that much a crime?
The five principles he thought divine.
So he leads with a thrust
(As the book says he must)
And his actions are all done in time.

So we should not cheer or abuse him
Says the lady who likes to amuse him.
For she loves the cute twist
Of the cloak ‘round his wrist
(But the Florentine chapters confuse him).

This Italian lad loved what he learned,
So to Silver’s slim volume he turned.
But it said that his tool
Was too long, as a rule.
(George Silver – that’s one book he burned!)

He plied his new skills with great flair,
So he thought it distinctly unfair
That she gave hm the bird,
For it seems she preferred
The new French skills of old Sainct-Didier.

Then she had a most interesting notion –
To a Spaniard she gave her devotion,
For his moves were precise,
And his footwork was nice,
And she loves all the circular motion.

Then to London she went on her way
And they held a great challenge that day.
There were stars in her eyes
As the men played the Prize,
For the lady was prizing the play.

So take heed of this lesson, young nipper,
And use points, not this new-fangled zipper.
Let your research be right
For the ladies’ delight,
And let’s go win one for Agripper!