Roster of Free Scholars

Name Location Date Event Sponsors Miscellaneous
Aedh Ua Ruaic Kappellenberg 5/25/13 Ruby Joust Maestro Dante, Master Wistric, Master Connor
Baron Aidan of Kingswood Tir-Y-Don 5/25/2019 Ruby Joust Master Llwyd, Master Jean, Master Celric
Baron Alonzo Falcone Black Diamond
Alyce / Alexander Blood Bright Hills Mistress Isobel, Master Connor, Master Marcellus
Mistress Alyna of the Ilex Tir-y-don 2007 Tir-y-don Baronial Birthday Lord Iskender, Lord Percival, Master Llwyd
Lady Angharad Melys
Anna / Adrian Collins Isenfir Master Robert, ?, ?
Lord Anthonye Saker East Kingdom King's Assesment Master Marcellus, Sir Christian, Master Jean Claude
Lord Bastian de la Salle Nottinghill Coill Jacques, Lord Nathanial, Lord Kirk
Beatrice LaGrave Lord Nathanial, Master Alan, Mistress Isobel
Bledri Ap Llew Mistress Ceridwen, ?, ?
Baroness Briana of Skye Mistress Isobel, Master Philip, Baron Gregor The Company of the Dragoon Guards
Calledon of Halbourne Lord Vyvyan, Mistress Ceridwen, Lord Gunther
Lord Cataldo Querini Isenfir 6/22/2019 Old School War Practice Despotes Charimmos, Lord Bumi, Master Llwyd Ensign to Despotes Charimmos, The Company of the Dragoon Guards
Lady Celestria Alexandre d'Amiens Stierbach 10/27/2018 Queen's Rapier Championship Master Alessandro, Lord Torse, Lady Rochelle House Condottieri
Lady Colette Vitalis Ponte Alto 8/5/2018 Pennsic War Master Dominyk, Master Brian, Master Aeron ensign to Master Dominyk, The Company of the Dragoon Guards, Grasshopper
Colin McNab Storvik 09/13/2014 Battle on the Bay Master Alan, Master Connor, Lord Celric
Lady Constanza de Talavera Lord Percival, Mistress Isobel, Lord Vyvyan
Master Corun MacAnndra Master Aedan, Master Alan, Sir Roland
Lord Donovan Morgan Master Robert, Master Alan, Baron Gregor
Duarte Negin de los Angeles y Blanco
Lord Duncan MacLaren Lord Alejandro, Sir Daemon, Mistress Ceridwen
Lord Dyggvi Hrolfsson Sacred Stone 6/23/2018 Return to Crecy V Master Raphael, Mistress Etain, ?
Elizabeth Taylor Sacred Stone 2/23/2019 Tournament of Ymir Cadet to Master Giacomo
Baroness Ella de Lille Meridies 2010 Defending the Gate Maestro Dante, Master Flaithri, Lord Melchior
Els von Ascheberg Sacred Stone 2/23/2019 Tournament of Ymir Lord Percival, ?, ?
Lord Felipe de Pamplona 2011 Ymir Sir Christian, Lord Elphin, Master Raphael
Feodosiia Alekseeva zhena Sacred Stone 2/25/2017 Tourney of Ymir Master Raphael, Sir Christian, Baron Ghaltai
Fredrick von Heinrich Lord Percival, Lord Gunther, Master Philip
Lord Galen of Black Diamond Buckston-on-Eno Master Gerlach, Baron Gregor, Master Robert
Gaston du Valmont Elvegast Master Alan, Master Giacomo, Master Philip
Lord Gavin Briare Mistress Katherine, Lord Geoffrey, Master Robert
Lord Gilig von Baden Shire of Roxbury Mill
Giovan Donato Master Aedan, Mistress Ceridwen, Lord Vyvyan
Lord Humfrey Matthew Lovett East Kingdom 1/28/17 Ice Castles Master Raphael, Sir Christian, Lord Iskender Man at Arms to Master Raphael
Iacopo Attaviano da Vizzi Mistress Ceridwen, ?, ?
Lord Jack Wright Lord Nathanial, ?, ?
Lord Jacques Gonse Ponte Alto 11/9/2019 Dunn Carraig Baronial Birthday Lord Armand, Lord Linhart, Master Cailin The Company of the Dragoon Guards, cadet to Master Dante
Baron Jean Maurice le Marinier Marinus 2012 Coronation Master Jean Claude, Master Llwyd, Lord Celric
Lord Jehan-Franc de Blauvac Master Richard, Master Robert, Lord Nathanial
Jusef Black Diamond 2010 Chalice of the Sun God Mistriss Ceridwen, Master Marcellus, Lord Geoffrey
Lord Kenji Yoshimoto Lochmere Lord Percival, ?, ? The Company of the Dragoon Guards
Klaus Jager Hawkwood 6/17/17 Return to Crecy IV Master Raphael, Lord Greylond, Lord Maximilian
Kostantin Volkovitch (Kostka)
Master Lucien de la Rochelle 2010 War of the Wings Lord Kirk, Lord Elphin, Lord Melchior
Mistress Margaret Cameron Lord Gregor, ?, ?
Lady Marina Wymarc Stierbach 4/13/2019 Night on the Town Lord Terasu, Master Chris, Maestra Caitilin
Lady Marion le Red Elvegast Lord Alejandro, Master Alan, Lord Gunther
Marius Belisarius Hawkwood 2012 War of the Wings Master Raphael, Lord Greylond, Sir Christian
Lady Marta de Lyon Lochmere 10/5/2019 Coronation Lord Armand, Lord Linhart, Lord Tassin Head of House Condotierri
Matilda Grille (Tilly) ???
Lord Michael Wymarc Black Diamond 2012 Holiday Faire Master Wistric, Lord Celric, Master Raphael
Lord Nicolo Santorio Roxbury Mill 6/8/2019 Skewered! Master Alessandro, Master Cailin, Master Aeron
Nyvein Dyfnawal Roxbury Mill 9/23/17 Battle on the Bay Lord Celric, Maestra Caitilin, Lady Letia
Orlando de Olivares Y Salazar Master Philip, ?, ?
Lady Penelope Blood Mistress Isobel, Lord Gregorie, Master Gerlach
Rajan (fka Nakka Hjort) Storvik 3/23/2019 Defending the Gate
Roland Shelnut Isenfir 3/23/2019 Defending the Gate intern for House Blackspear
Lady Sanada Akime Stierbach 11/19/2016 Holiday Faire Lord Terasu, Master Brian, Maestra Caitilin House Sanada
Sinclair Hawkins Coronation Duke Ragnar, Maestro Giacomo, Master Raphael
Count Thorbrandr Olafsson ???
Thorgrimr inn Kyrri Lord Percival, ?, ?
Lord Tiberius Aufidius Crispus Hawkwood 5/19/2018 Hawkwood's Baronial Birthday
Lord Trian Ó Glesáin Hawkwood 8/7/2017 Pennsic War Lord Torse, Lord Cailin, ? House Condottieri
Lord Turvon Kuznetsov
Ulfarr Refskegg Sudentorre 6/18/2016 Stierbach Baronial Birthday Master Flaithri, Lord Terasu, Master Llwyd House Condottieri
Wilhelm Leopard der Schwarze / Mathius von Haud Panther Cyddlain Downs 3/23/2019 Hidden Mountain Baronial Birthday Mistress Etain, Master Elphin, Master Raphael
Master William Cameron Caer Mear Master Robert, Master Alan, Lord Percival
William Gilchrist Ross 2012 Night Under the Town Mistriss Ceridwen, Master Connor, Lord Geoffrey
Ylsa Broussard

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