Guild Charter

We, in representation of the Academie d’Espee of Atlantia, come before You, King and Queen, to request that, by Law and by the Right of the Dread Sovereigns of Majestic and Mighty Atlantia, we be recognized by Royal Charter as a Guild of Atlantia.

The Academie d’Espee is a guild devoted to the study and support of the Diverse Arts of Defense in Atlantia. The guild’s core ideal is that through practice, scholarship, and camaraderie, we will enhance the experience of those in Atlantia who engage in the Noble Arts of Defense.

In furtherance of this core ideal, the Academie d’Espee will:

Membership shall be granted to all those who agree to abide by these tenets.

Administration, structure, and any other items pertaining to this guild not herein covered may be addressed and governed in the Bylaws of this Guild. These Bylaws shall be presented in a public forum and ratified by the members of the Guild.

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