This scroll was done by Mistress Isobel Guildingwater for Baron Gerlach’s elevation to a Provost of the Academie. No, you’re not confused. This scroll was made before Atlantia became a signatory of the Treaty of the White Scarf. At the time this was painted, all Provosts wore the gold scarf as their badge. The umbrella bears the badge of the Academie and the inclusion of it in the picture is something of an inside joke having to do with an “interesting” encounter Gerlach had at Estrella War one year.

Those appearing above, in order from left to right

  1. Master Giacomo Vincente, Provost
  2. Viscountess Cainder of Loch Suili, Scholar
  3. Master Niall McKennett, Provost
  4. Baroness Ceridwen Ferch Owain, Provost
  5. Lord Misha (something long and Russian), Scholar
  6. Lord Misha (something long and Russian), Scholar
  7. Master Alan Gravesend, Provost
  8. Master Robert Beddingfield, Provost
  9. Baron Gerlach Wiesengrund, Provost
  10. Mistress Isobel Guildingwater, Provost
  11. Master Aedan Aylwyn, Provost
  12. Master Goeffrey Gamble, Provost
  13. Mistress Grace Gamble
  14. Lord Padraig Muadhan, Provost
  15. Lord Nathanial Sharpe, Provost
  16. Louis Abbot, Scholar
  17. Eleanor Abbot
  18. Lord Duncan Gregor Macgregor, Provost

Note: Not all those listed as Provost had that award at the time the scroll was created.