The first charges of the Masters of Defense

Before making the first Masters of Defense in the kingdom of Atlantia, the crowns gave the following charges:

Let all those present bear witness, for today History is made in our Kingdom of Atlantia!

We, Logan and Esa, monarchs of by right of arms, do charge these three gentles to go forth and to consider the great Honor and Obligation of becoming the Atlantia’s foundational members of the Order of Defense!

Aedan, Alan and Giacomo, you are charged to select a date and location where you shall sit in Contemplation on joining this august Order. You shall bear in mind that the duties and obligations to be placed upon you shall be some of the greatest ever seen within the Society, as the creation a new Peerage is the rarest of occasions.

These duties and obligations shall include but shall not be limited to:

These duties are great and heavy and with this in mind, you shall have counsel to guide you. As you sit in contemplation, you shall be visited by the Crowns, Peers of the other Orders, and populace of the Kingdom as a whole. They shall provide you with what counsel they may, and you shall take their words to heart.

Once you have completed your Contemplation, you shall be summoned to our court, where we shall expect your answer.