Atlantia's Ceremony for the Order of Defense



Day of Elevation

  1. Elevation
    1. On battlefield is preferred but in court as necessary.
    2. Order called in and stands to the side.
    3. Candidate called in.
    4. Candidate walks in (with significant other if they choose) w/sword arch and banners.
    5. Selected Lady of the Rose follows carrying candidate’s personal weapon.
    6. Any additional speakers not already present follow the Rose.
  2. Crown’s Speech
    1. Queen speaks on importance of the OD and its place in Atlantia:

      Queen: The Order of Defense is historic in many ways, being the first new peerage in over four decades in our Society. This peerage recognizes the highest level of prowess in rapier combat and true masters in the Art of Defense. As a member of this Order of Defense, you will be expected to raise your weapon only in defense of Atlantia and its subjects. You will be looked to as a teacher, a mentor and above all, an example of the best in rapier for Atlantia. This is a heavy burden full of weighty expectations. Is it still your wish to be inducted into the Order of Defense?

    2. Candidate responds to the Queen.

  3. Presentation of Regalia and other speakers
    1. Collar is presented by an OD.

      OD: A true Master has no need to be flashy or arrogant but instead identifies themselves simply so that they may be known to those in need of teaching and guidance. A band of simple white, this collar is not a banner to be seen across the field but rather a plain label indicating your mastery of steel weapons so that others may seek you out.

    2. Queen places collar on candidate if separate from medallion.
    3. Medallion is presented by an OD.

      OD: The three swords represent the three pillars of rapier combat within the SCA. While you may have a preference of one form over the others, a true master excels at all these forms in defending their Kingdom. As a true master, you must be willing to pick up any of these weapons to defend Atlantia, instruct her fighters and defeat her foes.

    4. Queen places medallion on candidate (or collar/medallion combination).
    5. Personal Regalia/Speakers
      1. Details will vary depending upon the pieces. This may be things like cloaks, bucklers, gloves or signet rings. Speakers are selected by candidate and may speak about a specific piece of regalia or just about the candidate.
      2. NOTE – This part is optional. Candidate may not wish any additional speakers or regalia.
    6. Personal weapon
      1. Rose speaks last about the chosen weapon, how it is used to defend the subjects of Atlantia and dispatch her foes. Candidate may have words about why that is their personal weapon for Rose to speak on. Rose retains weapon when done and stands by candidate.

      Rose: With this weapon, you have defended your kingdom, its Crown and subjects over many years and with great skill. You have shown your ability to use it wisely and with courtesy, sparing those deserving gentles that you have vanquished. Your actions as you have held this weapon have proven time and again your mastery not only of the weapon itself but of when and how best to use it.


  1. Sword of state is handed to Queen who stands it up. King puts his hands upon hers. Candidate puts one hand on TRM’s hands while other holds their collar and/or medallion.
  2. Candidate gives their fealty.
  3. Queen requests personal weapon from Rose.
  4. Queen points personal weapon at candidate and gives their final charge:

    Queen: This weapon is designed to harm. A true master knows when to keep the weapon sheathed and when to bare it. You are charged to be mindful of the harm you can do with careless words, base acts in combat or false teachings. Keep your words true, your combat noble and your teachings pure or may this weapon turn in your hand.

  5. Queen hands weapon to candidate.
  6. Candidate is presented to the populace when done.

Prize fighting and Academie oath are all done separately. Candidate will schedule the prize fight and (if they are part of the Academie) take the oath at that time.