Melee Commands Everyone should know

Atlantia rapier commanders use a standard set of commands to communicate their intention to the army. All fighters should learn to recognize and execute each of these commands.

Frequently used commands


Move the unit forward in a straight line. A descriptor will usually be given indicating speed and where to go. The unit should not stop until they reach the indicated destination point regardless of enemy combatants or given a new command.

Shift Right/Left

Move horizontally in the required direction without necessarily leaving combat spacing

Flank Right/Left

Run around the end of an enemy formation and engage either the backfield or the end person with numbers

Stay the Line

HOLD THIS POSITION. Also heard stand fast and set the line.


Gather and reform units after enemy action has disrupted cohesion


While a shape isn’t a plan, it is a historically and functionally accurate way to attain the condition you wish to implement.

Common usage:

Step (Rare)

Throw more blows and grind down the enemy, stepping forward in a cadence call approximately one step per 2 seconds as a synchronized line.


This is a purposeful advance with blows continuously being thrown. The unit should not hesitate in their movement and continue to make steady progress forward regardless of enemy combatants.

Turn Right/Left

Turn is used for an immediate change of a unit’s direction by pivoting either left or right, causing a modification in the configuration of the unit.

Fall Back

is given to disengage a unit from the enemy or to create distance from the enemy. Also heard as pull back.

Step Out NAME

This is used to pull a specific fighter or unit out a line. Once movement starts remaining units and fighters should shift to cover the gaps. The individual or unit will be issued new commands once pulled from the line.


Fight or unit calls this to allow the units to left and right to know they are stepping out of the line.


Fighter or unit calls this to allow the units to the left and right to know they are joining the line.

Rarely used commands


This command is used to engage the enemy in an immediate frontal assault for a short period of time.

Dress the Line

This command refers to making sure the line is straight by checking the distance and position of the person to the direction indicated, or each side.