Guidelines for Consideration

Greetings Atlantian Rapier fighters…

For sometime now, people have been asking for some indicator of what is required to advance in the Academie d’Espee to Free Scholar, and also what is looked for in a potential candidate for White Scarf. After much discussion, the White Scarves have decided to present to you the general guidelines found below. Note that we did NOT seek to create a list of endeavours to be treated as a “checklist”. It was unanimously decided that it is counterproductive to create such a list. What we did use/alter were the Corpora guidelines for Peers of the SCA. We felt that they were comprehensive in their coverage and well written. You’ll note that the below list of guidelines is a list of duties a Provost/FS should fullfill.

When these guidelines are used to evaluate the possibility of asking a person to be a Free Scholar, the evaluation will be skewed to reflect that. The only difference from a Provost is the level of skill of the peer group and the degree of effort expected in showing skill, courtesy, teaching and honor.

Remember that Provosts are made solely at the discretion of TRM Atlantia. While the Crowns do solicit the opinions of the current members of the Order, like all other Atlantian Orders of Merit, it is TRM that make the final decision.

Also recall that Free scholars are made solely at the discretion of 3 agreeing Provosts. Again, while they do solicit the opinions of the other Provosts, Free Scholars and even non-Academie members, it is that triad that makes the final decision.

We hope that these guidelines are satisfactory. We realize that not everyone will be satisfied by what they’ll find below, but it’s what we deemed best. Any comments can be made to your local White Scarf, or Giacomo Vincente (FS Headmaster), or myself which I will pass onto the rest of the Provosts. Please don’t ask us to make a checklist, cause it WON’T happen ;-P.

I hope this finds you well,

In service,

Gunther van Drakenburg

Speaking for the WS of Atlantia

Criteria for consideration as a member of the Order of the White Scarf

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